About us

OSMI is a renewable energy development company bringing together over 25 years of wind farm development experience in Victoria. OSMI’s founding Directors have been responsible for the development of projects such as the Wonthaggi, Waubra, Bald Hills and Stockyard Hill wind farms, totalling over 800 MW of installed wind capacity.

The OSMI team have been actively involved in the development of wind energy projects in Victoria since the inception of the industry in the 1990’s. OSMI has seen and been involved in a vast change in expectation of communities and regulatory authorities in respect to engagement with near neighbours and wider communities around wind project sites.

OSMI is actively investigating the feasibility of forestry based wind farms, throughout the Latrobe Valley area and other parts of Victoria that has access to existing transmission networks and commercially viable wind resources.

Our approach

OSMI aims to develop leading class renewable energy projects, leveraging off strong relationships with landowners in areas of strong resource (wind, solar or hydro) close to existing transmission infrastructure to deliver low-cost renewable energy to electricity customers.

OSMI strives for best-practice in community engagement and benefit sharing and is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments. 

Key to OSMI’s approach is to engage early (pre-planning permit application) and continue throughout all stages of the project to ensure the project is well supported, designed appropriately and that the benefit sharing is tailored for the local context. OSMI understands the value of having local staff on the ground and to create opportunities for the community to co-design and help shape how the benefits are distributed.