Community & Stakeholder Consultative Committee

OSMI is establishing a Community and Stakeholder Consultative Committee.  The committee will be responsible for facilitating the accurate and timely flow of information about the project’s development to and from the community and assist in obtaining feedback and making decisions about aspects of the project which may impact on the windfarm’s neighbours and wider community. 

The Committee forms part of OSMI’s broader community and stakeholder engagement which is aimed at maintaining clear and transparent communication about Delburn Wind Farm with the local community. It is intended that the committee provides the opportunity for input from a diverse membership 

The purpose and role of the Community and Stakeholder Consultative Committee is to: 

  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to the planning, development and construction of the Delburn Wind Farm project; 
  • To identify local issues and to provide the project team with local knowledge and local networks and assist the project team in planning and decision-making processes; 
  • Act as a two‐way communication link between the community, stakeholder groups and the project team during the development and construction of the DWF; 

The committee will be able to: 

  • Openly discuss issues relating to the various stages of development of the Delburn Wind Farm as appropriate; 
  • Assist the Delburn Wind Farm team and site contractors to understand community issues and perceptions relating to the projects design and construction; 
  • Assist in the identification of areas where the wind farm impacts can be managed or mitigated. 

More information on the make-up of the committee, its responsibilities and how it will function can be found here.