OSMI aims to ensure that any complaints from the community and external parties are correctly recorded, evaluated, investigated and mitigated as required. OSMI has developed a complaints evaluation and response plan in accordance with the relevant standards and recommendations from the National Wind Farm Commissioner. OSMI intends to:

  • Promptly acknowledge complaints from members of the public and keeps the complainant informed of any progress, findings and outcome(s);
  • Deals with the complaints constructively and in a transparent and co-operative manner;
  • Keep accurate records of the investigation process and communications with both the person making the complaint and any regulatory body that may require notification; and
  • Maintains positive relationships and encourages constructive, two-way communication with the community and external parties.

Should you wish to make a formal complaint please notify us by filling out the following form and we will be in contact within 48 hours.

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For further information please view our Complaint Evaluation and Response Plan here