Overlooking the Hazelwood Power Station, the Delburn Wind Farm is a proposed wind energy project located in the Strzelecki Ranges to the south of the Latrobe Valley. The proposed development site is over the plantation land centred in the Delburn area, covering the HVP Plantations Thorpdale Tree Farm. The site is generally bounded by Coalville to the north, Thorpdale to the west, Darlimurla to the south, and Boolarra and Yinnar to the east.

The township of Morwell is approximately 5 km to the north-east of the development site (as measured from the outer boundaries of both the township and the project land) and the township of Moe is approximately 5 km to the north.

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Delburn Wind Farm aims to be an iconic wind farm overlooking the now-closed Hazelwood Power Station, proposed for the Latrobe Valley to contribute to a just transition for the region.

  • The opportunity for community co-investment
  • Existing side by side within forest plantations, complimenting existing use and harvesting
  • OSMI will act as the developer, owner and operator

The HVP plantations site

  • Consideration of plantation activities, setbacks from roads and properties, sensitive flora and fauna, cultural heritage, watercourses
  • Maximises existing forestry tracks

Project evolution

The initial concept plan has been scaled down from 53 turbines to 35, then to the current 33 turbine layout, in response to a number of factors such as additional technical inputs and community feedback on the initial concept design. To understand the process for community feedback on this second version of the concept design, please review the Pre-Planning Consultation Process. 

The initial concept plan for the project can be viewed here

The second iteration of the project design can be view here

Click here to view a comparison between the first and second versions



The following timeline outlines the development process for the Delburn Wind Farm.

Collaborating Organisations