Submissions Closed: DWF Planning Permit Applications

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OSMI is committed to keeping the community and stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the proposed Delburn Wind Farm development:


Community and Stakeholder Consultative Committee Chair Appointed

Dr Anthony Boxshall has been appointed as the Independent Chair of the Delburn Wind Farm CSCC.  Anthony is the Principal and Founder of Science into Action Pty Ltd, a science impact company. Anthony has made a career of demystifying science for communities and all...

Media Release: Delburn Wind Farm Planning Applications Lodged

MEDIA RELEASE DATE: 13 January 2021 Delburn Wind Farm Planning Applications Lodged OSMI Australia has submitted its applications for planning approval to build the proposed Delburn Wind Farm to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The final project...

Applications Closed: Pre-Development Fund

Applications for our Pre-development Fund closed on 30 September 2020. Successful applicants will be announced in the near future. See our 'Community Benefits Scheme' page for more information. 

Environmental Referrals

Decisions were announced on both our environmental referrals this week. The construction of the project was determined not to be a controlled action under the EPBC Act, and will also not require an EES, subject to certain conditions. READ...

Media Release: Iconic Wind Farm set to benefit community

MEDIA RELEASE EMBARGOED: 17 July 2020 Community Consultation begins for proposed Delburn Wind Farm The Delburn Wind Farm will be an iconic project for the Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas, providing new local employment and procurement opportunities and...

Resubmission of EPBC Act Referral

The EPBC Act referral has been re-submitted. Further information and supporting documents can be found on our planning page.

Withdrawal of EPBC Act Referral

Due to a number of concerns raised by residents in regards to the EPBC referral documentation, and in consultation with the Department, OSMI have decided to withdraw its referral under the EPBC Act and resubmit. OSMI will notify the public of the re-submission date...

Referral to Minister for Planning

Our referral to the Minister for Planning, as required under the Environmental Effects Act 1978, for the Delburn Wind Farm has just been posted on the Victorian government planning web site. This referral provides the Minister for Planning with preliminary information...

Open for Comment: EPBC Referral

Our referral under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is now open for public comment - follow this link to view the referral. The purpose of the referral process is to determine whether or not a proposed action will have a...

Media Release: Innovative Plantation Based Wind Farm for the Valley

MEDIA RELEASE EMBARGOED: 17 February 2020 OSMI's Delburn Windfarm reaches next stage of development  Today OSMI has released a revised design for the Delburn Wind Farm. After completing the first round of impact assessment studies necessary for the project design,...

Media Release: Innovative Plantation Based Wind Farm for the Valley

MEDIA RELEASE EMBARGOED: 28 March 2019 Innovative Plantation Based Wind Farm for the Valley Morwell Vic. An iconic new renewable energy project for the Latrobe Valley has been proposed in the plantations above the now closed Hazelwood Power Station. Straddling the...


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