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The EPBC Act referral has been re-submitted. Further information and supporting documents can be found on our planning page.


Due to a number of concerns raised by residents in regards to the EPBC referral documentation, and in consultation with the Department, OSMI have decided to withdraw its referral under the EPBC Act and resubmit. OSMI will notify the public of the re-submission date via this page, the Facebook page and e-news, and put the submitted documents on this website.


Our referral to the Minister for Planning, as required under the Environmental Effects Act 1978, for the Delburn Wind Farm has just been posted on the Victorian government planning web site. This referral provides the Minister for Planning with preliminary information on the environmental impacts of our project to allow him to make a decision as to whether or not to require an Environmental Effects Statement to be completed. The referral can be found here:…/referrals-and-decisions


Our referral under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is now open for public comment. Follow this link to view the referral. The purpose of the referral process is to determine whether or not a proposed action will have a significant impact on any Matters of National Significance, and would therefore require formal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act. For more information on the process, please click here. The referral will be open for comment until 14/05/2020.

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March 2019 – Delburn Launch Media Release click here

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OSMI will be hosting a number of information sessions and tours to the Delburn Wind Farm site throughout 2019-2020 and beyond. Please register your interest in attending via the form.

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