Planning Permits Approved

Planning Permit Application (Terminal Station)


This report has been prepared on behalf of Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd, a member entity of OSMI Australia (OSMI) group of companies and accompanies an application for a planning permit for the development of a terminal station (utility installation) to facilitate connection of the proposed Delburn Wind Farm (DWF) to the Victorian transmission network, as well as associated native vegetation removal and business identification signage. This submission seeks approval across two alternate sites, noting that only one site will ultimately be developed:

  • Option A: East of Varys Track;
  • Option B: West of Varys Track.

Note: Some of the below documents contain A3 and A0 pages; these pages will not print correctly on printers equipped for A4 paper only. If you would like to view these documents in hard copy, visit the OSMI office

Planning Permit Application Report

Planning Permit Application Report (FINAL)

The Terminal Station associated with the Delburn Wind Farm Project requires a Planning Permit pursuant to the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (P&E Act) within the Latrobe, South Gippsland and Baw Baw Planning Schemes. The Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority for determining this planning permit application.

Updated: June 2021

Prepared By: DB Consulting


Appendix A - Certificates of Title

Certificates of Title for properties forming Option A and Option B.

Download ‘Appendix A – Certificates of Title(662 KB)

Prepared: December 2020

Prepared By: Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd

Appendix B - Biodiversity Assessment

Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd was commissioned by Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd (part of the OSMI Australia group) to undertake a Biodiversity Assessment of the Delburn Wind Farm Terminal Station options, Gippsland, Victoria.

Download ‘Appendix B – Biodiversity Assessment(4 MB)

Updated: February 2021

Prepared By: Ecology & Heritage Partners

Appendix C - Desktop Geotechnical Assessment

Golder Associates Pty Ltd has been engaged by Delburn Wind Farm Pty. Ltd. (an OSMI Australia Pty Ltd Company) (OSMI) to undertake an assessment of potential geotechnical, contaminated land and hydrogeological impacts associated with the a terminal station facility for the proposed Delburn Wind Farm (DWF) located in the vicinity of Delburn, about 5 km to south east of Moe in Victoria.

Download ‘Appendix C – Desktop Geotechnical Assessment(11.4 MB)

Download ‘Appendix C – Desktop Geotechnical Assessment’ by section:

Prepared: October 2020

Prepared By: Golder Associates Pty Ltd

Appendix D - Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

The purpose of this report is to assess the landscape and visual impacts that may be brought about by the proposed Terminal Station options. This report is to be submitted as part of the Permit Application.

Download ‘Appendix D – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment(5.9 MB)

Prepared: October 2020

Prepared By: Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Appendix E - Clause 13.02 Assessment

This report has been developed to assess the proposed Delburn Wind Farm terminal station against the requirements of Clause 13.02-1S of the Latrobe Planning Scheme.

Download ‘Appendix E – Clause 13.02 Assessment(4.3 MB)

Prepared: September 2020

Prepared By: Fire Risk Consultants

Appendix F - Traffic Impact Assessment

AECOM Australia Pty Ltd (AECOM) have been commissioned by Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd (DWFPL) to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) as part of the planning application for the proposed Delburn Terminal Station, which facilitates connection of the proposed Delburn Wind Energy Facility (DWEF) to the Victorian transmission network.

Download ‘Appendix F – Traffic Impact Assessment(5 MB)

Prepared: November 2020

Prepared By: AECOM

Map Book

Download ‘Terminal Station Map Book’ (5MB)

Prepared: June 2021

Prepared By: Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd

Project Submissions

​OSMI Australia submitted its applications for approval to build the Delburn Wind Farm to the Minister for Planning in December 2020. The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) required OSMI to formally advise the community of these applications – submissions closed on 18 August 2021.

Visit the DELWP website for more information about stages in the notification and review of planning permit applications.