Planning Permits Approved

Planning Referrals

Planning Permits: Wind Energy Facility and Terminal Station

For information about the planning permit applications lodged for the Delburn Wind Farm Wind Energy Facility and Terminal Stations, see the ‘Planning Permit Applications‘ page.

Environmental Effects Statement (EES) Referral

OSMI referred the project to the Victorian Minister for Planning 1 May 2020 to see if an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is required under the Environmental Effects Act 1978.  An EES referral provides information about the project and its potential impacts on the environment, to allow the Minister to decide whether the project will require an Environment Effects Statement (EES). More information on the EES process is published on the DELWP website.

On 17 July 2020 the Minister determined that the Delburn Wind Farm does not require an EES, subject to conditions.  The referral, the Minister’s decision and reasons for that decision are available here (Referral number 2020-R08).

Useful Information

Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Referral

The Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act referral was required to ask the Minister for the Environment to decide if any of nine specific ‘Matters of National Environmental Significance’ are likely to be impacted by the Delburn Wind Farm project.

The nine matters of national environmental significance (MNES) are:

  • world heritage properties
  • national heritage places
  • wetlands of international importance (often called ‘Ramsar’ wetlands after the international treaty under which such wetlands are listed)
  • nationally threatened species and ecological communities
  • migratory species
  • Commonwealth marine areas
  • the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • nuclear actions (including uranium mining)
  • a water resource, in relation to coal seam gas development and large coal mining development.

Most of the ‘Matters of National Environmental Significance’ do not apply to the proposed Delburn Wind Farm, however surveys conducted by OSMI’s ecologists looking for nationally threatened species that were considered likely to occur in the project area found that both the Growling Grass Frog and Strzelecki Gum are present. After they were identified OSMI redesigned its project to avoid impacts on the areas where these species were found.

Delburn Wind Farm Referral

OSMI submitted a referral  to the Federal Minister for the Environment 2 June 2020 to determine if approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is needed. A delegate of the Minister Decided that the project is not a controlled action. The decision is published by the Department of Environment (Referral 2020/8688).

The government opens all EPBC Act referrals for public comment for a period of 10 days. The Delburn Wind Farm Referral (2020/8688) was open for comment from 22 June to 3 July 2020.  This comment period, which is defined in the Act, is very short which is why OSMI has been providing all the relevant information on its website as the project progresses as we understand the community needs adequate to review the information.

Supporting Documentation – EPBC Act Referral

Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) (FINAL)

This report specifically addresses the nine Matters of National Environmental Significance to which the EPBC Act applies.

Download MNES Report

Prepared: January 2020

Prepared By: Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd

Draft Existing Conditions Report

This report is a desktop study providing context about the study area. It guides the next stage of investigations for both the MNES and the Biodiversity Assessment (required Victorian Government approvals), by highlighting potential environmental sensitivities in the area, and informs surveys that need to be completed and how the project design can be modified to avoid and minimise impacts to the environment.

Download Draft Existing Conditions Report

Prepared: October 2019

Prepared By: Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd

Community Engagement Summary (2019)

A detailed community engagement and benefit sharing plan was created to ensure that there was time and genuine opportunities created for community feedback into the proposed wind farm and co-design for the benefit sharing model.

Download Community Engagement Summary (2019)

Prepared: December 2019

Prepared By: Osmi Australia Pty Ltd

OSMI Environmental Policy

OSMI Australia (“OSMI”) is a renewable energy development company based in Victoria, with a particular focus on wind energy over forestry plantations and strong community benefit schemes.

Download OSMI Environmental Policy

Prepared: December 2019

Prepared By: OSMI Australia Pty Ltd

EPBC Act Addendum Report

This report provides additional information and detail regarding the MNES following a request for further information by DAWE.

Download EPBC Act Addendum Report

Prepared: May 2020

Prepared By: Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd

EPBC Referral

Apart from minor corrections (ie. dates etc), the EPBC Referral Form contains the same information as the above documents. 

Download EPBC Referral

Prepared: June 2020

Prepared By: Delburn Wind Farm Pty Ltd