Technical Assessments

The documents previously available for download from this page have been superseded and therefore removed. The current versions will be uploaded shortly. 

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Learn about the ecological impacts of Delburn Wind Farm and the steps OSMI are taking to avoid damage to the area.

Shadow Flicker

K2 Management has undertaken indicative shadow flicker modelling for the latest layout of the Delburn Wind Farm.


Research is being undertaken to ensure all aviation safety requirements are met at Delburn Wind Farm.

Landscape and Visual

Explore the visual impact of the wind farm through VR and AR technology and download the preliminary visual assessment.


View the preliminary traffic impact assessment that has been prepared for the Delburn Wind Farm development.


Access research into potential geotechnical, contaminated land and hydrological constraints at Delburn Wind Farm.


Noise is highly regulated in the wind energy industry. Learn how OSMI plan to out-perform regulations at Delburn Wind Farm.


The Delburn Wind Farm is expected to deliver substantial ongoing economic benefits to the Gippsland region.

Electro Magnetic Interference

Access an assessment into potential electro magnetic interference impacts at Delburn Wind Farm.


Planning for bush fire safety is an essential part of building a wind farm – learn more about Osmi’s Bushfire Risk Assessment.

Cultural Heritage

Learn how OSMI will implement an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan to guide development of the DWF. 

Document Library

Access a complete document library for the Delburn Wind Farm development and associated works.