Planning Permits Approved

Technical Assessments

Planning Summary

Understand the planning process underpinning the proposal.

Flora and Fauna

View a summary of flora and fauna considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of noise considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of aviation considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of fire considerations for the proposal.

Shadow Flicker

View a summary of shadow flicker considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of potential economic benefits associated with the project.


View a summary of geotechnical considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of traffic considerations for the proposal.


View a summary of electro-magnetic interference considerations.

Landscape and Visual

View a summary of landscape and visual considerations.

Community Engagement

Learn how Osmi is engaging with the community.

More Information

To view the detailed planning permit applications for the Wind Energy Facility and Terminal Station associated with the Delburn Wind Farm, view the following links: